Jonathan Scott and his twin brother Drew were born on a horse farm near Vancouver, Canada. Jonathan’s father was a Scottish immigrant, and his older brother’s name was JD. When Jonathan was young, he had a strong stage appearance and personality. When Jonathan was 7, he advised him to get a job. At first, they worked as children’s clowns, and they enjoyed performing. However, they got bored with the makeup and turned to magic. Jonathan became more interested in it than Drew. Jonathan was born John Ian Scott, and she changed his name to Jonathan.

Jonathan realized early on that he enjoyed entertaining. He loved cards and loved to show tricks. Jonathan even took the stage name Jonathan Silver. But although he liked to consider it, it made him anxious. After all, he didn’t want to focus only on entertaining because he knew it could lead to him becoming a starving entertainer. Then, he decided to learn how to do something else to have something to fall back on.

Over the years, the boys’ father helped them do repairs around the house so they would gain some knowledge of home improvement. At 14, the father moved to Alberta, Canada, where he would build a dream home for his parents. Just then, they learned a lot about home improvement.

As Jonathan and Drew grew older, they developed different hobbies. To avoid competing with each other, they decided to take one twin’s passion for home improvement and the other’s passion for real estate and create a fantastic company. The Scott twins went to college at the University of Calgary to pursue a degree in business management. Aside from partying, like most first-year college students, the Scott twins pursued very different endeavors. The boys used the money they had saved as a down payment on real estate. They completely remodeled their first house, and they got $50,000 for it. After that, their passion became even more vital.

Over the next decade, the Scott twins’ company, Scott Real Estate, was very successful. The company had them constantly traveling from Canada to Las Vegas. After visiting Vegas, Jonathan remembered how much he missed the entertainment. The dream of joy came true when the entertainment industry learned about the funny realtor duo, and they got their show, Property Brothers.

The show’s contestants, Jonathan and Scott, help people take properties and turn them into their dream homes while keeping a budget in mind. The program was perfect for them because Jonathan could build, and Drew could buy. Pretty soon, they became household names. Eventually, they went into books, music, acting, radio, and other endeavors. Only one thing was missing for Jonathan – love.

And in 2015, Jonathan met Jacinta Kuznetsova at one of the balls. He said she reminded him of Cinderella when he first saw her. However, unfortunately, like the princess from the fairy tale, she did not leave behind her shoes. In order to make the first move, he had to find her on Instagram. He didn’t usually do this, but she wasn’t out of his head.

Things didn’t go well on the first date, but Jonathan wasn’t ready to give up. He asked her out on a second date, and it went great. And soon, they were officially a couple. Their fans couldn’t get enough of the happy couple, and they fell deeply in love with each other. At the same time, Drew found love with Linda Phan, who often appeared on the Property Brothers show. And in December 2016, Scott took Jacinta to Maui and proposed to her. Soon, Jonathan, Drew, and their ladies were living together.

In April 2018, Jonathan posted a photo of Jacinta and himself playing with elephants and announced they were breaking up. He assured his fans that the decision was made amicably. Many believed that living in the public eye scared her away.

Many are still trying to realize the personal tragedy of Jonathan Scott being the best man at his brother’s wedding. When Drew married Linda, Jonathan cried while giving his best man speech. Finding himself alone again was hard, but thankfully, he and Jacinta remained friends. This was important since she was part of the crew of his show. When asked about the future of his love life, Jonathan said he is currently busy with fourteen different construction projects, but if the right woman comes along, he would be ready to move on.