The criminal was punished during a robbery by the public who caught him. The thief was beaten and resented the punishment, even begging for mercy.

There are more and more instances of lynching. This is partly due to the absence of authorities, who cannot arrive at the crime scene promptly. Consequently, people catch the culprits, usually thieves, to ensure they get just desserts. This is an example of citizens in Cali who caught a thief attempting to steal a young man’s cell phone in the Salomia neighborhood due to the high level of insecurity. The thief tried to intimidate the victim with a knife, but  the citizens managed to stop him and used physical force to detain him, also known as “fist therapy.” Despite this, the offender did not express remorse and became angry.

After taking a phone from a young man, the thief attempted to run away but was caught by nearby community members, according to a post by “Cali Ok Noticias” on Twitter. The residents proceeded to take matters into their own hands by physically assaulting and verbally abusing the culprit. Despite this, the thief remained defiant and uncooperative.