Malia Obama has caught attention with her transformation.

Even before her father’s historic presidential election win in 2008, Malia was known as a U.S. senator’s daughter. 

She was just six years old when her dad was elected to the Senate.

Malia also received a dog when her family moved to the White House.

Less than a year later, Malia Obama packed her toys and other belongings and moved into the White House, leaving her everyday life behind. However, it wasn’t all negative. Obama announced during his victory speech that his daughters would finally get a dog. While choosing a puppy isn’t usually difficult, it was for the Obamas. Malia is allergic to animal fur. So, the Obama family needed to find a hypoallergenic dog, according to The Mercury News. They wanted to adopt a dog instead of buying one, but it was challenging to meet both criteria. “Many shelter dogs are mutts like me. Balancing these two things is a big deal for the Obama family,” Barack announced to the press.

America was excitedly searching for the ideal First Dog. The Obamas did not adopt a dog from a shelter, but the late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy gave them a Portuguese water dog. They later welcomed another Portuguese water dog named Sunny in 2013.

President Barack Obama aimed to keep his children out of the public eye.

During their campaign in July 2008, Michelle and Barack Obama interviewed with Access Hollywood. They brought their daughters, Malia and Sasha, who were 10 and 7 years old, respectively. However, Barack eventually regretted including them, and the family never did another interview.

Malia Obama began her TV writing career afterward.

In 2015, Malia Obama worked as an intern for HBO during the summer. As part of her internship, she collaborated with show writers on the set of “Girls.” The showrunner stated that they instructed Malia on the duties of the writer’s assistant. The showrunner said they taught Malia the responsibilities of the writer’s assistant.

Due to the pandemic, she completed her

degree remotely, similar to her classmates at Harvard. Malia Obama earned a Visual and Environmental Studies degree in May 2021 and spent the lockdown with her family.

She participated in Black Lives Matter protests to support racial justice.

She participated in Black Lives Matter protests to support racial justice. Despite growing up in a political environment, she made her statement.

Donald Glover has complimented her writing skills.

In March 2022, the talented artist and musician Donald told Vanity Fair that Obama landed her writing role based on her impressive skills. “Her writing is great,” he said of her work in his writers’ room. “She’s incredibly talented.”