Women are increasingly choosing to skip wearing underwear for comfort, health, or appearance since no one likes panty lines or wedges. 

While using underwear has advantages, going commando may have some benefits. Still, according to Shape, the final choice ultimately depends on personal preference. 

By not wearing underwear, you may reduce the risk of acquiring UTIs or yeast infections.

Nobody wants an infection in that area because it can be uncomfortable, exhausting, and irritating. If you avoid wearing underwear, you could reduce your likelihood of getting a urinary tract or yeast infection, particularly if you experience recurrent vaginal infections. 

Underwear, especially thongs, can cause a UTI since the fabric may facilitate “the spread of bacteria from the rectum to the tract,” according to Bustle (via The Sun). While there is no strong evidence directly linking not wearing underwear to fewer yeast infections, Healthline reports that experts suggest it’s a good idea to go commando as an added precaution.

If you stop wearing underwear at night, you may breathe better down there.

Although not a strict rule, removing your underwear before bedtime could provide a cooling break for your private areas, especially if you wear underwear during the day. 

This nightly routine may benefit women who are prone to vaginal infections. 

Eliminating underwear could lead to decreased irritation and chafing.

As OB-GYN Kecia Gaither explained to Bustle, “Tight-fitting underwear creates friction that can lead to irritation and chafing in the vaginal area.” 

Friction can happen when you wear underwear made of synthetic fabrics that can irritate and rub against your skin, including the labia. Healthline states this can result in injury or bleeding.

It’s typically safe to go without underwear when exercising or running in the morning if you’ve chosen not to wear it daily. However, you may notice a quicker odor buildup in your genital area. 

Skipping underwear while working out is a personal preference and could enhance your performance. It’s best to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to wear underwear during a workout. 

However, going commando during exercise may lead to micro-cuts, also called vaginal fissures, as reported by Bustle. This condition is as painful as it sounds. Cracks in the skin can be caused by stretching or irritation. To prevent this, wear comfortable and breathable pants while working out, just like you would wear comfortable clothes during the day.

This can happen when you exercise repeatedly without wearing proper gear, like underwear. According to Fox News, avoiding underwear could also help prevent itchy allergic reactions. Sometimes, panties may lead to a rash in a specific area known as contact dermatitis.