When she was 13 years old, the rapper discussed her troubled relationship with her mother and her dislike for authority with the talk show host. 

Since her controversial interview with Dr. Phil, Bhabie has become a successful rapper. She achieved a remarkable feat at 14 with her first single, “These Heauxs,” landing a spot on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. She became the youngest female rapper to do so. She later signed a contract with Atlantic Records but eventually left. In 2021, the “Gucci Flip Flops” artist created her record label, “BHAD Music.”

Her appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show with her mother, Barbara Bregoli, unknowingly played a significant role in launching her daughter’s fame. In an attempt to improve her daughter’s negative behavior and fix their relationship, Bregoli participated in a therapy session with her daughter on air. 

However, even after some time had passed since the TV appearance, the previously troubled teenager revealed that she still had a complicated relationship with her mother. In 2023, the rapper posted on her Instagram (via PopBuzz), stating: “My mother displays the same behavior with everyone who comes into my life. It’s solely her fault, not anyone else’s. I live in fear of her every day.” Bhad Bhabie may have left her appearance on “Dr. Phil” with more psychological 

harm than she arrived with since she has a mental illness, and I’m worried about what she is capable of. After her segment, she went to Turn-About Ranch in Utah, a camp meant to rehabilitate misbehaving teenagers. In 2021, the rapper released a video with Breaking Code Silence, in which she made shocking allegations highlighting several abuses she faced during her stay. Bhabie claimed she endured unfair treatment for months, citing poor hygiene and severe punishments, and held Dr. Phil responsible.

She shed light on various abuse allegations against Turn-About Ranch, including staff members penalizing campers in ways that compromised their health and hygiene. 

Bhabie argued that employees devised severe punishments for minor rule violations. 

Other “Dr. Phil” alumni also said that they underwent an awful ordeal while staying at Turn-About Ranch. In 2021, Hannah Archuleta took legal action against the behavior camp, alleging that a staff member behaved inappropriately with her. 

Moreover, along with talking about the harsh penalties, Bhad Bhabie disclosed that a fellow resident had killed a staff member while she was at Turn-About Ranch. Bhabie explained in her video that she was doing her morning tasks when she heard an employee’s walkie-talkie notify them of the unfortunate event.