Just as with dogs, there are many size differences between cat breeds. The International Cat Federation FiFe recognizes forty-one cat breeds. 

Some cats, especially males, reach a considerable size, sometimes over ten pounds. 

Large cats are often chosen for their impressiveness and majesty; here are some giant cat breeds. 

Maine Coon 

The mass of the Maine Coon cat varies from seven to ten kilograms for males and five to seven kilograms for females. Still, some record holders exceed the standard size and average mass, reaching even sixteen kilograms! Considering their size, cats of this breed require great attention to care and are characterized by delicate health. 


An adult female ragdoll can weigh up to seven kilograms, and a male can weigh up to nine kilograms. This breed’s soft, voluminous coat, which can be six different colors, makes this breed even larger. 


The Savannah can weigh up to fourteen pounds, making it an imposing cat. The reason for its size lies in its origin: this breed is a hybrid, i.e., the result of crossing a domestic cat and a serval, a wild animal found in Africa. 

Siberian cat 

The average weight of the Siberian cat is between seven and nine kilograms but can reach up to thirteen kilograms. This breed originated due to natural cross breeding between the wild forest cat and the Siberian Russian domestic cat. The Siberian cat is known to produce very little protein that causes allergic reactions in humans, so it is a hypoallergenic breed. 

Bengal cat 

Male Bengal cats weigh up to seven pounds, two pounds more than females. This breed also originally came from crossbreeding, in this case between a domestic cat and a leopard cat, to which these mice owe their distinctive fur.