Heidi Klum is one of the best Halloween costumes. She is a famous supermodel, America’s Got Talent show judge, producer, mother of four, and several other professionals. She also throws memorable and iconic Halloween parties every year. These parties always feature celebrities like Questlove, Antoni Porowski, Ice-T, and many others in the best costumes. The most anticipated attendee is Heidi herself! No one can match her Halloween dress-up skills. Since these parties started in 2000, her costumes have become more elaborate and made headlines on Halloween night.

We look forward to seeing her in public every year, from hours of makeup to filming a short movie with her family during the pandemic.

After Heidi and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, could not host their party due to the pandemic, they celebrated in person in 2022 and appeared on the blue carpet as a giant worm and a fisherman.

Now that Halloween is behind us, look at Heidi Klum’s 2023 costume! After hours of preparation, Heidi finally appeared as a giant peacock accompanied by a team of people dressed in tail costumes. We also share Heidi Klum’s best Halloween costumes from past years.

2023: Giant Peacock Halloween Costume.

After introducing fans to her costume on Amazon Live, Heidi Klum wowed everyone by appearing as a giant peacock at her annual Halloween party. The team was even dressed in her peacock tail!

2022: Worm Halloween Costume.

Heidi Klum walked, or rather, “crawled” down the blue carpet as a worm with her fisherman husband, Tom Kaulitz.

2021: Zombie Halloween

After canceling her annual Halloween party for the second time in a row, in 2021, Heidi Klum paid homage to her favorite horror films by creating a short film. After crawling out of the grave, she returns to life as a mom with her kids, but only this time, she turns into a zombie. Her children immediately realize something is wrong, from the flaking flesh to the eyeball in her drink. You’ll have to watch the short film to find out what happens (assuming your stomach can handle it)!

2020: Toilet Paper Mummies

For the short film, Heidi’s kids – 16-year-old Leni, 15-year-old Henry, 13-year-old Johan, and 11-year-old Lou – dressed up as zombie mummies from head-to-toe for the shoot. “We had so much fun shooting this together,” Heidi told Vogue. ” My kids learned so much in those two shooting days about how certain stunts work, how to move and act like mummies, how to memorize lines and cues. And although they have come to see me on set many times over the years, this is the first time they have participated in a shoot.”

2019: The Carnivorous Alien

The supermodel collaborated with their husband, Tom Kaulitz, to create this creepy and unusual look. The costume took 10 hours of prosthetics and makeup work, which she revealed during her Amazon broadcast.

The model transformed into a firecracker with a glossy face and green hair in her first-season costume in her first season costume. Her husband was also in a similar ensemble.

2018: Fiona from “Shrek.”

Many thought she would be George Washington or the Gungan from Star Wars after she showed fans her costume on Instagram. However, the beauty won Halloween by dressing up as Fiona from the movie Shrek. On the other hand, Tom pulled off his Shrek look.

2017: Michael Jackson “Thriller”

You can’t celebrate Halloween without dancing to “Thriller.” In this nearly identical outfit to Michael Jackson, she brought the 1982 music video to the streets of New York City.

2016: Heidi Klum

Did you know you’re a big deal if you dress up in a costume of yourself for Halloween? Really. Heidi showed up to her 2016 party in her best Victoria’s Secret outfit with an army of lookalikes.

2015: Jessica Rabbit

Va-va-voom. Inspired by the lead character in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, Heidi perfected her figure with prosthetics, bold makeup, and a tight red dress.

2014: Butterfly

Did we take a trip to Cirque du Soleil? In this bold and beautiful butterfly costume, Heidi waltzed through the streets of New York City with a huge wingspan.

2013: Old Lady

Every detail of this grandmother’s costume has been thought out to perfection. She aged her skin with varicose veins and wrinkles using makeup and prosthetics.