2006 American interior designer David Bromstad became famous when he won HGTV Design Star. Since then, he has gained a lot of attention. A lot has been said and written about his love life. 

Read about David Bromstad’s partner, Samuel White, and his relationship with his ex. 

In today’s world, online privacy is lost. Let’s not dwell on the rumors about David Bromstad’s love life. This article reveals the reality TV star’s current relationship status. 

Who is David Bromstad’s partner? The openly gay American reality star is dating Samuel White, an Australian surfer who moved to the US in 2011. David Bromstad’s boyfriend is also an archer and soccer player. David met Samuel at a friend’s wedding in Illinois while he was still with Jeffrey Glasko. They kept in touch and met three months later. They surfed together and went to Paris on holiday. Jeffrey and David Bromstad broke up in 2015. Nine years later, David and Samuel bought a $3.9 million 4-bedroom house in New York in February 2024. Michael Richards owned the house. 

David Bromstad and his partner plan to start a real estate company to sell properties to celebrities. 

Is David Bromstad gay? People knew the American celebrity was gay since 2006 when he was on HGTV’s Design Star. Bromstad came out as gay at 22. 

Bromstad came out as gay in 2010 when his relationship with Jeffrey Glasko was revealed. Coming out was hard for him. Bromstad hid his gay identity while growing up in a traditional Christian household in Minnesota. Bromstad finally came out in 2006 on a design show. A competitor asked him if he was gay, and he told him. David is now out and proud. He was bullied in high school, so the HGTV host donated $5,000 to Safe Schools South Florida to help create better school environments for all kids. Who was David Bromstad’s boyfriend? 

David Bromstad was in a relationship with Jeffrey Glasko. Glasko was born in Bal Harbor, Florida, on May 6, 1966. He has a degree in criminal justice from Roger Williams University and a master’s in political science from Old Dominion University. 

They met at a Valentine’s Day party at Firestone in Orlando in 2004. Bromstad had liked Glasko for years but had yet to meet him. Both were single and fell in love. 

The couple kept their relationship a secret until their pictures appeared online in 2010. The photos made people think David Bromstad was gay. The couple said he was not in 2010. 

Before being famous for being with David Bromstad, Jeffrey Glasko was a police officer. He worked for the Miami Police Department and the FBI from 1994 to 1999. Glasko started as a low-ranking officer and became a SWAT team leader. He took a different path after meeting David Bromstad. Jeffrey was the project manager and COO for David Bromstad LLC when they dated. We are curious to know if he’s still working the same job. 

Is David Bromstad married? The American TV star is not married, but he said he wants to marry in 2019. He said: I want kids, but I need a boyfriend first. Being single has been good for me. I want to settle down and have a regular life. David Bromstad is openly gay, so fans don’t expect any news about his wife. They look forward to the day he introduces them to a husband. Is David Bromstad in a relationship? The reality TV star is in a relationship with Samuel White, an Australian-born surfer living in the US. Does David Bromstad have kids? HGTV host David Bromstad doesn’t have kids and isn’t married. 

What does David Bromstad do now? He’s been on HGTV since 2015. The show follows lottery winners as they look for houses. David helps them find homes.

What is David Bromstad’s age? Bromstad is 50. He was born on August 17, 1973, in Cokato, Minnesota. Who are David Bromstad’s family? His mother is Swedish-German, and his father is Norwegian. David has three older siblings: Dean, Dynelle, and Dyonne. 

David Bromstad’s partner is Samuel White. He has lived in the US since 2011. David and Samuel met at a friend’s wedding in Illinois. Bromstad was still dating Jeffrey Glasko when he met Samuel. They love surfing and traveling together on holidays. They bought a house in New York in February 2024. Bromstad has kept his love life private since his romance with Jeffrey Glasko ended in 2015. However, because of his fame, people have been interested in the latest rumors that Samuel White is David Bromstad’s partner. Such news about him would attract attention. 

Although she’s famous, many people don’t know much about her.