In an interview with Jordan North, Billie Eilish was confused by British insults and slang.

North, from Burnley, was interviewing Eilish for Capital FM about her new album. They had lunch together.

North also asked Eilish about the album, its success, and plans. He also asked her about British slang, insults, and words.

In a video, Eilish asks North what some British insults are.

North said “jobs***e,” which means a stupid or incompetent person, and said it’s his favorite swear word.

Eilish looked confused. She didn’t know what North had just said.

Eilish laughed nervously before confirming she understood.

“If someone said he’s a complete and utter gobs***e… “They talk nonsense,” North explained.

North asked Eilish what her favorite lunch was, and she said sandwiches.

He said that’s his, too, and we call it a “butty.”

Eilish didn’t understand what a “chip butty” was, so she asked North what the weirdest thing they said was.

North, from Burnley, had a great answer.

“Put wood in the hole,” he said without thinking.

Eilish laughed and couldn’t believe what she’d heard. “You’re not real.”

North explained what it meant to shut the door, and Eilish tried to say it herself: “Wooden fold?”

“Wood in the hole?” she said, laughing.