Princess Catherine knows fashion. When she first came on the scene as Kate Middleton, Prince William’s girlfriend from college, she wore many hats, cargo jackets, jeans, and minimal makeup. Catherine’s popularity has grown, and as her status grew, so did her wardrobe.

Before becoming Princess of Wales, Catherine was Kate Middleton, Prince William’s girlfriend from St. Andrews University. Catherine came from a wealthy family, even though she was a commoner. She attended prep school and the top university in Scotland, where she met her prince. 

The skirt made her look shorter. Catherine is 5’9″. The boots made her look shorter. The jacket was too short, hitting her just below the waist. This wasn’t her best look. 

Kate’s 2016 outfit was more matronly than show-stopping. Princess Catherine knows how to dress for an evening. 

This is Catherine’s look from the British premiere of “A Street Cat Named Bob.” 

The lace on the dress’s bodice made it look old-fashioned. The top doesn’t fit well—the sleeves and shoulder line gap. The sleeves are too long, cutting off her wrists. The pleated skirt makes this dress look old-fashioned. She looks good in evening clothes, but this one didn’t suit her. 

The best outfit is the one people talk about. People either love or hate this dress Catherine wore in 2019. 

Catherine, then the Duchess of Cambridge, wore this dress at the Royal Variety Performance on November 18, 2019. She wore a black lace dress with puffed shoulders and curled hair. Some parts of this look are good, but it doesn’t suit the princess. The puffy sleeves and lace make the dress look old-fashioned. The black details on her chest and waist make her look like she’s wearing a corset. Her curled hair and long hair match the sleeves and neckline. Some parts of this look work, but it could look better.

Kate’s wedding attire in 2009 wasn’t her best.

On July 19, Catherine walked to the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman. 

Catherine wore a patterned dress from Wet Seal and an odd blazer. Her headpiece was gothic, not royal wedding chic, and her hair was messy. This look wasn’t right for the princess, and we haven’t seen anything like it since. 

Kate’s coat choice during this 2021 visit wasn’t flattering.

In March 2021, Princess Catherine wore cream and tan at a vaccination center at Westminster Abbey. The work was necessary, but the outfit didn’t suit her. 

We like coat dresses, but this one needed to be more flattering. The yellowish color made her look washed out because she’s fair-skinned. A black or dark blue coat dress would have been better. The coat dress looks like a quilt, which could be more stylish. The material makes the princess look heavy. Not her best look. 

The color didn’t flatter Kate.

Pregnant women have a hard time dressing. Catherine had three pregnancies and dealt with sickness during each. She did it all with grace. In February 2018, Catherine was pregnant with her third child, Prince Louis. Her dress at a dinner at the Royal Palace wasn’t flattering. 

The dress didn’t fit well. The material at the collarbone area looks heavy on the princess, and the crystal details on the shoulders weigh it down. The color was the worst. The pink color made Catherine’s skin look pale. It would have looked better in green, like Catherine’s emerald green. 

Kate’s skirt suit looked terrible. The jacket sleeves were too big. A fitted jacket would have looked better. The peplum jacket made the look too complicated, and the skirt needed to be shorter. The skirt was also too bulky around the princess’s leg. Catherine’s look was good, but she set the bar too high.