The siblings posted a wedding dance video to TikTok on Thursday.

The clip showed Abby and Brittany dancing with Bowling. They paired the footage with Adele’s 2011 song “Rolling in the Deep.”

In another video, the siblings posted a montage from the special day, which included a note.

“You think you know us, but you don’t,” the caption read. #sisterhoodgoals #abbyandbrittanyhensel #happy.

They used Justine Skye’s 2014 song “Collide” in the background, with the lyrics: “You think you know me, but you don’t. My dark side is for you only. Do me right.”

Abby and Bowling’s 2021 wedding at the Jerome Event Center in Delano, Minnesota, was only revealed to the public this March when “Today” obtained marriage records.

The couple didn’t list Brittany as a witness at their wedding. Instead, they had another Hensel sister, Morgan, and a person named Cosmo Naut.

That month, they got back at critics who said unkind things about the wedding. To all the haters: If you don’t like what I do, but watch me, you’re still a fan,” they wrote on TikTok.

Abby and Brittany are 34-year-old conjoined twins. They have two heads on one body, sharing organs and blood. Brittany controls their left arm and leg, while Abby controls the right.

The sisters first appeared on Oprah in 1996 and then on their TLC show.