An ordinary day turned into an incredible event when this farmer found mysterious eggs in his field…what hatched from them will surprise you!  

Jack, his wife Bonnie, and their daughters Mary and Giselle were in shock, unable to speak from the fantastic sight before them. The cornfield, which had only recently bloomed, was now strewn with many scattered eggs beyond all comprehension and imagination. What had happened to their once familiar field?  

The eggs looked as if they were about to hatch. What kind of creature could be inside?  

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted when his other daughter, Giselle, ran out of the house.  

“Daddy, you’ve got to see that thing in the cornfield! – she shouted, her voice trembling. Jack climbed back on the tractor and headed toward the field behind the house.  

As Jack approached the cornfield, a sense of unease mixed with curiosity and apprehension. 

In the distance, Jack saw a group of small white dots among the corn stalks, but he couldn’t tell what they were until he got closer; at this point, he abandoned the tractor and walked toward the strange sight.  

“What is it, Daddy?” – his daughter asked. As he got closer, Jack realized that these objects were eggs scattered across his land; there were many of them.   

For a moment, Jack was speechless. How did these eggs come out of nowhere? 

As Jack approached the eggs, a sense of awe and fear swept over him, and thoughts flashed through his mind about what might be inside. He was sure they weren’t ordinary eggs.  

When they looked closely, they saw that the eggs were beginning to crack, a clear sign that something was about to happen. Jack got in his tractor, ready to destroy the strange eggs that had inexplicably appeared on his farm.  

In a split second, his daughters rushed forward, protecting the eggs from destruction. The tense confrontation lasted several moments until Jack finally gave up and was able to harm the mysterious eggs, which held an unknown secret.   

Jack and his daughters gathered around the eggs, wondering how to preserve them. It was a difficult task: how to protect twenty fragile eggs from the weather?  

Then Jack had an idea. He told his daughters to bring a large black tarp from the barn. The tarp would serve as a shield, protecting the eggs from the weather and keeping them warm.  

Together they spread the black cloth over the eggs, securing the corners with heavy stones. Jack warned his daughters to work very carefully.  

But happiness was short-lived when a loud sound disturbed the peace. The sound of a loud slap echoed through the air…..  

The girls were shocked, thinking they had accidentally broken one of the eggs, and watched the eggs so closely that they now believed something was about to emerge from them. Giselle carefully examined one of the eggs and saw a significant crack in the shell.  

After two days of vigilant guarding of the eggs, the truth came. Jack knew that at any moment, the eggs would begin to hatch.  

At dawn on the fourth day, he headed for the eggs but was surprised to see that one was already empty.   

When the eggs began to burst, there was a sense of anticipation. There was shock on everyone’s faces, and Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. The emotions were too strong, and Joaquim burst into tears, shocked by what was happening. She was amazed and delighted when the animals came out of their shells-they were peacock chicks.  

Jack had always loved peacocks and, when he was young, even raised one of them as his best friend. But after the bird died, he stopped loving them and seeing these beautiful creatures hatch before his eyes was a miracle.  

Jack was torn between his desire to keep all the peacocks and the practical reality of not having enough space on his farm.

They decided to keep two peacock chicks on his farm and give the rest to the sanctuary. The peacock chicks could roam the neighborhood and get the care they deserved. The girls were happy to have two peacocks on their farm and cared for them with all love and attention.