Ivanka Trump sent a message to her father, Donald Trump after he was found guilty in the hush money trial.

On Thursday, the 77-year-old former president was found guilty of all 34 felony counts in the hush money scandal.

Trump was charged with fraud for making payments to Stormy Daniels.

The payments, $130,000, were made by Michael Cohen to keep Stormy Daniels silent about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump before the 2016 election.

After the conviction, Ivanka posted a four-word response on Instagram.

The 42-year-old former advisor posted a childhood picture of Trump holding his daughter.

She wrote, “I love you, Dad,” with a heart next to the picture, showing her support for her father.

Ivanka’s brother, Donald Trump Jr., also defended their father. He said it was the Democrats’ fault.

“The Democrats have tried for years to make America like a third-world country,” the former president’s eldest child said in a statement to ABC News.

The ex-US leader’s middle son, Eric Trump, said on X (formerly Twitter) that the trial ruling means Trump will win in November.

“On May 30, 2024, Donald J. Trump will be elected president,” he wrote.

Trump was the first president in US history to be tried and the first former president to be convicted of felony crimes.

The Guardian says he left the courtroom after the verdict and slammed the court proceedings “rigged” and “disgraceful.”

He said the actual verdict will be on November 5, when people vote in the presidential election. He said he is innocent. “They know what happened here, and everyone knows what happened here.”

Trump said that Biden and his team are trying to “rig” the system to hurt political rivals.

He said this is not over yet and left.

The Biden-Harris campaign said that “nobody is above the law.”

“Keep Trump out of the Oval Office: vote.” The statement said that Trump will be the Republican nominee for president, even if he is a convicted felon.

“Trump is a threat to our democracy.” He’s running a crazy campaign of revenge and retribution. He says he’ll be a dictator on day one and wants to get rid of our Constitution so he can stay in power.

“A second Trump term means chaos, taking away Americans’ freedoms and causing political violence. The American people will reject it this November,” they said.