TV presenter Elizabeth Hurley, promoting her swimwear brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach, posted another bikini shot on Instagram showing off her chic and ageless figure.

Elizabeth Hurley wore her brand’s strapless bikini for another snapshot taken in the sunshine.

The fifty-eight-year-old actress posted on her Instagram story to promote the sale of her Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear collection.

She posed in a two-piece animal print swimsuit, advertising its discounted price on her site.

In the photo, the ‘Austin Powers star emerges from the water in a jaguar bikini, showing off her trim physique.

She wrote: “60% off” and provided a link to her website where the swimsuit can be purchased.

The widely loved actress often wears pieces from her swimwear line, which she created in 2005.

In an interview with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine 2018, Elizabeth explained why she decided to get into swimwear design.

She told the publication that she wanted to create styles in which people would look fantastic and feel great.

She thought it was important to create a collection that makes women feel sexy and comfortable at any age.

The actress also added that she decided to get into beachwear not only because she has always been obsessed with vacationwear but also because it is an area where women, regardless of their figure or size, can look fabulous.