Sofia Vergara, who used to star in the TV series Modern Family, is celebrating her 51st birthday in Italy. The woman spoke openly and honestly about how difficult it is to get older. 

Sofia Vergara spent her 51st birthday with her best friends in Italy. While there, she posted a photo on Instagram with a backdrop of water with the caption, “No makeup, just my perfect face.” 

During her trip to Italy to celebrate her birthday, the former CoverGirl shared several photos on the social media site Instagram. She celebrates her birthday by using firecrackers as candles, gathering for brunch with friends, and continuing to be serenaded at an expensive restaurant. 

Joe Manganiello, who is married to her, was not present at the party, much to the dismay of her fans. But now reliable sources have confirmed what we always thought. 

Sofia Vergara and her husband, Joe Manganiello, have been married for seven years. However, it has been revealed by Page Six publication that they will get a divorce. In an interview for Page Six, the couple said that they made a hard choice to divorce. As two people who love and care for each other, they respectfully ask fans to give them time until they decide on a new part of their lives. 

The “Modern Family” actress is in Italy celebrating her 51st birthday with close friends, but neither Manganiello nor her engagement ring is with her. “Sopha and Joe have been estranged for a while now and have decided to take a break from each other to think about their future,” the source said. Last month, Vergara joined Manganiello, 46, on the set of his new movie “Nonnas” with Vince Vaughn in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Fans on Instagram noticed Manganiello’s absence, and Sofia Vergara wrote in an Instagram post, “When life gives you lemons, you come to Italy to squeeze them.” 

Manganiello also caused a stir when he wished his wife a happy birthday on Instagram with a simple message “!!!!Feliz Cumpleaos Sofa!”. I Wish Sofia a happy birthday in Spanish! 

Another source said people close to her told Joe was away because he was busy filming on the East Coast. That excuse didn’t hold up too well because of the writers’ strike, but once the actors’ strike started, he could have gotten on the first flight out…and he wasn’t.” So no one is trying to act like it’s not over with her. It’s not anymore. It’s over.