Once again, the scandalous couple shocked Europeans. In strange outfits, Bianca Censori and Kanye West had a shopping and photo shoot in a crowd of Florentines.

The rapper and his lover were sent on vacation upon returning to Italy. The lover decided to please Bianca and went shopping with her in Florence. West and Cenzori again caused a strong reaction from Italians with their unusual outfits.

The musician’s favorite wore a satin bodysuit with a plunging neckline, shiny tan-colored tights, and golden stiletto shoes. She had sleek styling and radiant makeup, highlighted with smoky eyeshadow. Kanye didn’t change his taste either – he chose an all-black outfit with a black ninja-style cape.

Bianca wanted to buy a designer bag. The couple visited the Braccialini boutique, where the assistant helped the Australian native to choose the desired model. Censori settled on an accessory made of green reptile leather in the form of a snail. West approved of his wife’s choice.

After shopping, the couple strolled down the street with an enthusiastic crowd of tourists and locals. Passersby took pictures with Bianca, and a satisfied West filmed his wife on his smartphone, periodically correcting her outfit for a better angle. He was censored, smilingly posed with the update in his hands.

Not two weeks later, the lovers outraged the residents of Venice with indecent behavior. The lovers, too, enthusiastically showed their feelings during a trip in a water cab. Italians demanded the arrest of the rapper and his wife, accusing them of disturbing public order.

According to the Daily Mail, Venice authorities also expressed outrage at the actions of the celebrity couple. ” Undoubtedly, what we saw is a disrespect for Venice, the most charming city in the world,” said Elisabetta Pesce, Venice’s public safety counselor.