The banana peel is nutrient-dense and has the potential to brighten our homes, firm our faces, and relieve body aches. We must look beyond its packaging to fully benefit from the banana peel’s properties. In this piece, we provide information on the benefits of banana peels that you may not be aware of, including their ability

to help with acne.

Acne can cause pain and embarrassment. It’s not just the acne itself that sparks these emotions. Over-the-counter remedies like benzoyl peroxide can be expensive. 

However, a less expensive and more natural way to tackle your acne issues is banana peels. The peels of this popular yellow fruit have antibacterial properties that clean bacteria off the skin. Additionally, the enzymes in banana peels help unsightly scars to fade. To create your facial, cut up banana peels and place them fruit-side down on your acne. Hold the peel in place until it turns brown, then repeat with a new patch until your face is clean.

For those who cannot tolerate the taste of bleach that goes along with teeth-whitening treatments, banana peels can be used as a natural alternative. They act as teeth-whitening trays without the burn or unpleasant taste. Cut up banana peels and refrigerate them to make ‘organic’ dental trays. Rub a cold peel on your teeth regularly to see the natural whitening benefits of the minerals in the banana peels without tasting bleach. 

To shine leather shoes, use banana peels.

They contain natural oils and abrasives that make shoe polishing easy. 

 Rub the shoe down with the fruit-facing side of the banana peel, then buff it with a soft cloth. This will leave your shoes looking great and possibly smelling good. 

Additionally, here’s a tip to reduce puffiness under the eyes.

This fruity beauty regimen should be preceded by washing your face with your favorite beauty bar and patting off the excess water. To reduce puffiness, use banana peels by swiping a square cut of the peel under your eyes and massaging it on the skin until it turns brown. Repeat the process if necessary. Take a 10-minute break. Afterward, wash your face one final time.

If you have a wart, you can try using banana peels to remove it. Although no scientific evidence supports this home remedy, it is worth a try as it is harmless. Some people who use this remedy cut a small piece of banana peel and attach it to the affected area with tape or a bandaid, leaving it in place overnight. Others rub the wart with a banana peel from time to time. The high potassium content in bananas is believed to be why this home remedy works, removing warts painlessly.