The disgusting mass is believed to be the remains of a whale and emerged from the sea around noon last Friday.

These masses, also known as blobs, are often the carcasses of whales, sharks, or octopuses. 

A DNA test is necessary to identify the origin of the globster, which washed ashore as a 6-foot-long rotting mass. 

During a beach patrol, the Coast Guard discovered the globster and shared footage of the giant brown and white mass on social media. Horrified locals inspected the mass in a video.

The coast guard’s post stated that the APM Coastal Rescue Team found the body of a stranded whale on Melano Bay Beach at around 12.03 pm on April 5, 2024. 

The body was discovered by members on duty during beach surveillance.

One commenter described the find as unfortunate because the creature was dead, while another referred to it as ‘creepy.’ 

This is not the first time a globster has washed up on a beach. 

In 2018, a large, hairy sea creature was found in the Philippines, sparking fears of an impending natural disaster.

The mystery 20-foot-long animal’s body surfaced in San Antonio, Oriental Mindoro province, at 7 pm on May 11, 2018.

Villagers gathered to see the enormous carcass of the globster and take selfies.

Marine workers collected samples from the strange creature, four feet wide at one end and two feet wide at the other.

They described the grayish-white blob as having an ‘awful’ smell, similar to ‘something from another planet.’

Some residents feared that the dead animal was a warning of an impending natural disaster.