A woman, whose mugshot photos went viral because of her unique face tattoos, is now undergoing grueling laser therapy to remove her tattoos, hoping that this way she can forget the ex-boyfriend she was arrested with and everything that went along with it.

Alyssa Zebrasky decided to get a Day of the Dead tattoo on her face four years ago when she was in a relationship with her now ex-partner.

After two visits to a tattoo artist in 2018, the Ohio woman had a spider web tattooed on her forehead and then black shadows around her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips.

Alyssa was reported to the police three times in six months, including one incident with her ex, which led to a brief police chase. 

But after drug treatment and rehab, Alyssa decided to change her life entirely and began hiding her tattoos under a thick layer of makeup.

Determined to get rid of her tattoos for good, Alyssa is currently undergoing a laser removal procedure at The INK-initiative charity in Austin, Texas.

With the support of her family and her new boyfriend, Alyssa shows off the entire process of removing tattoos from her face on her social media accounts.

Alyssa tells us that when she revisits pictures from her past life, it makes her very upset, and she wants to get rid of all things connected to that life as soon as possible. 

But it also reminds her of how she treated herself when she didn’t work on herself and didn’t love herself.

Now, she’s glad she finally decided to make this change, and when she compares herself to who she was, she’s happy with how she was able to overcome her past and start a whole new life. 

Despite the tattoos that she has all over her body, Alyssa only wants to remove the ones on her face and arms because they remind her of her ex-boyfriend and the problematic relationship she had to endure. 

Alyssa shared that when they started dating, her boyfriend told her to get tattoos on her face. She now understands that her boyfriend proposed the idea to her to make other men not pay attention to her.  

The tattoo sketch he chose was a Day of the Dead sugar skull that was supposed to cover the girl’s entire face.

Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend was also completely tattooed and thought they should look identical.

After pictures of her mugshots began appearing online,  and there were a lot of judgmental comments.

“My picture went viral. I was being posted on social media, everyone was saying nasty things about me, and I couldn’t even say anything back,” she said. 

After her time in jail, during which her ex only visited her twicethat, Alyssa went through drug court, rehab, and then began to turn her life around.

Alyssa began her tattoo removal journey in October 2019. That was when she was told it would take twelve 20-minute sessions.

“After the laser, the pain spreads all over the body. It’s like when you spill hot oil on your hand, and that’s how I can describe the sensation on your hands. The pain on my face is not as bad, but there is swelling.”

After removing the tattoos, Alyssa says she now loves her face and hopes her experience will help people in the same situation.

Alyssa actively participates on social media and tries to help anyone that is in the same situation she once was in.